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….. after a good long slumber….

Staying in the heart of Taxco, the early morning sounds of the VW taxis becomes somewhat of a white noise phenomenon as the climb one after another up the cobblestone streets. They have that fimilar chugging sound of  “I think I can, I think I can…”

A couple cups of coffee, a bit week but much better than Nescafe, the traditional coffee of choice across the country, and we’re off. Normally we spend only 2 nights in Taxco, arriving on a Friday evening, staying for the Saturday silver market, checking in with an artist or 2 and taking off on Sunday. This time, as we’re busing it we decided to spend 3 nights and explore a bit more of the town. First, we go in search of a new breakfast spot. The Hotel Agua Escondida which sits across the street from the plaza has a beautiful restaurant with a friendly staff. It’s quite a combo of colonial and contemporary in decor and they serve a  very good breakfast. But, we like variety so this morning we end up at a restaurant called “Sotavento”. They have a little balcony that overlooks the street with a sweet little mural painted on the wall. Then a more traditional formal interior dining room and beyond that a courtyard with a fountain and plants which we opt for.

Linc is eating Chilaquiles across Mexico, searching for the perfect sauce paired with chips that are still crispy and well flavored shredded chicken and crumbled chicken topping it off. I on the other hand are looking for my favorite Huevos Rancheros in Mexico. Presently and oddly enough the winner in my category is a small restaurant in San Pancho, no that’s not why we moved there but it sure is convenient. Huevos Rancheros consists of 2 fried eggs topping 2 tortillas, covered with either a green salsa or a red salsa. Sotavento got very high marks for both dishes. Plus the atmosphere was so nice we decided to try it for dinner as well.

As we’re leaving breakfast we realize that the shop for the jewler we’re looking for is right across the street, that was easy. Maria Belen Nilson is an Argentinian transplant to Taxco.We’re really looking forward to adding some of Belen’spieces to our collection at Casita Azul Folk Art

To Taxco we go

We were at the airport at 3:30 this morning, even Frankie, our little Mexican kitty who now resides as Queen of Sheba in our Evanston home looked at us like we were nuts. How dare we upset the well worked out routine we’ve all fallen into.

Fast forward sparing you the plane delays….. the relatively new airport in Toluca, Mexico is beautiful and so easy to navigate. On to the bus station and southbound to Taxco.

Snacks for the road anyone?

Once you get south of Toluca and Metepec this is a very beautiful drive. 

The road winds and dips bringing you in and out of the rolling mountainous terrain. Peoples homes often seem to be barely teetering on the side of each new mountainside.

Today is Independence Day here is Mexico. The celebrations marking the countries independence from Spain will most likely keep most of the country up to the wee hours tonight. Linc & I on the otherhand are so tired our snoring may just disturb the festivities.

On the road again

So, were heading to Mexico bright and early tomorrow. Well maybe not too bright as our flight leaves Chicago at 5:35 a.m. yup that puts us leaving the house by 3:00 a.m.. We’re heading for 3 nights in Taxco before we change directions and end up at our home in San Pancho. Taxco is a fabulous old silver mining town. So picturesque as it appears to literally have been carved out of the side of a mountain. It’s steep and very narrow roads clearly were set in place long before cars came to Taxco. It’s amazing watching the VW bug Taxi’s working their ways through the narrow maze of cobblestone streets. Often meeting another VW coming towards them resulting in one or the other having to back down (or up) hill to let the other pass. Linc’s more than a little relieved to be leaving the driving up to a bus driver once we’ve flown into Toluca. From Toluca it’s about a 2 1/2 hour winding, winding, did I say winding? trip.

In Taxco, our favorite place to stay is Mi Casita at least when we’re not driving as they don’t have parking and parking is laughable in Taxco, maybe laughable is in retrospect. When you’re actually dealing with it, it’s more like an extreme headache, ’cause it sure causes one.