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Painter David Villasenor…….. Cafe Manana Art Gallery, San Pancho, Mex.


So we are beginning to pick up some special pieces of art for the gallery aspect of the our to open in the fall coffee shop ……. Cafe Manana. Years ago we fell in love with paintings by the Mexican Artist David Villasenor. We would see his paintings in our travels throughout Mexico and were captured by the ones of indigenous people, the traditional clothing, the colors, the faces………. I have always been captivated by the colorful clothing and the satiny ribbons that woman braid into the waist long hair braids.

…   20120405-185636.jpg 20120405-185643.jpg

Cafe Manana will consist of 2 stories. On the first floor will be the main coffee shop that will spill out into the garden where we’ll put a couple of tables for the nature lovers. I know when we used to only be down here for a week I almost hated eating inside, I always wanted to be outside. Clearly that’s apparent to anyone who has been to our house Casita Cielo Azul here in San Pancho as only our bathrooms and bedrooms are fully enclosed. All the rest of the living spaces are open-air. The second floor is being built so it can also be another living space should we need it. There will be a main room, a second room that can be used as a bedroom and a full bath. A balcony will cantilever out over the sidewalk in front of our property. The main house, sitting at the rear of our house will remain private due to the way we’ve designed the new building. We’re furnishing the second floor with art that we love enough to keep should it never sell.


David Villasenor died in 2007 but his daughter has kept his art alive through the talent of artists that were handpicked and hand trained by David himself in his studio. She came to visit us the other day in San Pancho to talk about the art we’re interested in carrying in the gallery. She brought along some paintings as well. Now the image you see of the girl at the top of this blog posting is that of a painting that we already own. It’s hanging in our dining room back in Evanston. It is STUNNING! A real show stopper! It’s a rare person that doesn’t walk through our dining room and stop….mesmerized……..and go “WOW!”!













Well this one, the one just above is our newest addition but this one is for the gallery. We new as soon as they unwrapped it, that this was the one. It measures approximately 48″ x 71″. These are no little paintings. For scale purposes you can also see it just below. Now I think we only have one full wall in the gallery space big enough for this piece so that’ll make hanging it simple and it’ll be sooooo easy on the eyes!


20120405-185718.jpg 20120405-185731.jpg

Okay so I couldn’t help myself I had to give you a bigger view, isn’t she something!

A rooftop garden in the sun!

So our garden has gotten so full and lush that there was no more room for all of my herbs and edibles. We removed some sections of railing that we’ll recycle and use on the second floor terrace of the coffee shop/gallery. We had them replaced with long rectangular planters that I promptly filled with herbs, some vegies, edible fowers……. everything grows so quickly here and now that our kitchen garden has been  relocated to the rooftop of the house the plants and the sun are working so well together. We’re installing the irrigation system so these little beauties can get their liquid nurishment as well. So cool, it’s set to go on at 5:00 in the morning just like the system for the ground floor garden. This means the watering work is being done before we eeven get up. Man this is the life!