About us

After many years of traveling within Mexico we decided we loved the country and wanted to put down some roots there. To have a place we would call “home”.  After many more years passed we found San Pancho (San Friancisco on the map), in the state of Nayarit along the Pacific coast, and knew this was where we wanted to be.

Linc is a retired Lt. from the Illinois State Police and I owned a Folk Art Store in Evanston IL for 2+ decades. While traveling throughout Mexico shopping for the store we had the opportunity to meet many wonderful people, visit magical places and let’s not forget the food. The food of Mexico varies region to region as does the art. So many talented artists that we came to know and whose work we loved, works that we would transport back to Evanston to fill the shelves of the shop. Many of these artisans we still visit now to bring their pieces back to collectors in the USA as well as to our Coffee Shop/Gallery/Used Book Store, Café Mañana in San Pancho.

Casita Cielo Azul Linc and Jill Hampton San Pancho, Nayarit

Linc and Jill