Latcho & Andrea, The Blonde Gypsies at La Playa in San Pancho





















I’ve heard of couples meeting while driving down the street and exchanging telephone numbers through the glass windows. Another story was that of two people being prepped for operations. Friends of ours met after a crime had occurred at her residence and he was one of the officers assigned to the case. Of course there are the, “How Stella got her groove back” story of people meeting on vacation.

So how many couples do you know when asked, “So, where did the 2 of you meet?”. Answer with the fact that in 1982 when they met as performers in a traveling Wild West show. Well our friends Latcho and Andrea can. Let’s take it one step further and point out that Latcho’s act was that of a fire eating medicine man, and Andrea was an Indian dancer. The Wild West show’s run didn’t last but they went on to joined Circus Atlas, where Latcho became Sabu the Living Volcano, and Andrea, Indra the snake dancer. Now come on beat that story, I dare you.

After life with the Gipsy Clan of Circus Atlas, Latcho continued as a composer and guitarist, and Andrea and Andrea as a Flamenco dancer but she also began playing rhythm guitar. They toured throughout Europe and Egypt where they won awards for best folkloric music group.

In 1996, they moved to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. They still perform throughout Europe and the United States as well as Mexico which is where we met them a number of years ago. There used to be this funky pizza place here in San Pancho called Gallo’s.

Latcho and Andrea used to play at Gallo’s every Sunday evening. Now, San Pancho isn’t exactly a hub of nightlife and entertainment and back then the options could be easily counted on one hand.

Luckily for us we REALLY enjoy listening to the 2 of them so it gave us a weekly night of local entertainment.

This year for the first time Latcho and Andrea played at the San Pancho Music Fest, a 3 day event the last weekend in February. Local, national as well as international musicians come to play. These 2 put on a great show.

Sundays are “beach day” for Linc and I. We grab the camera and our Rummikube game and head on down just to relax. At  5:00 there’s a Cuban Salsa band that comes to play, excellent!!! An now, every Tuesday, Latcho and Andrea play at the same venue, La Playa. Brother, did I just call it a  “venue”. It’s actually the newest of our 3 beach restaurants here but it boasts great food, drinks and the cleanest bathrooms on the beach (you have no idea how high this point rates).